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Created by Peter Wieland
(peter.wieland(at)dnv.com) .
Copyleft under the terms of The GNU General Public License.

How to get started

using the PW_Tools package.

... before you start

  1. Get Perl and install it properly.
    If you use Windows platforms, get ActivePerl from ActiveState.
    Not worry, it's free and stabile and won't corrupt your PC as other software does. You should install 5.02 or newer.
  2. Create a PW_Tools root directory (e.g. Web)
  3. Download a copy of the PW_Tools and save it under the created PW_Tools root directory
  4. Extract this zip-file
  5. Edit header file in the ./PW_Tools/Input
  6. Copy logo file to ./PW_Tools/Input

... with PWA

  1. Edit file COMPANY.txt
  2. Copy company_flag files to the Images directory
  3. Edit file contacts.csv
  4. Copy member picture files to the Images directory
  5. Edit file ACTIVITY.txt
  6. Edit files in Groups directory
  7. Edit file status.txt (optional)
  8. Now you can run pwa.pl

... with PWB

  1. Put url-files in the ./PW_Tools/PWB/Input directory (or subdirectories)
  2. Now you can run pwb.pl

... with PWC

  1. First you should publish information using PWU.pl
  2. Check that the file in the ./PW_Tools/PWU/Input directory is up-to-date
  3. Now you can run pwc.pl

... with PWD

  1. Edit file types.txt (optional)
  2. Edit file work_packages.txt (optional)
  3. Put new documents with names corresponding to the document reference system in the ./PW_Tools/PWD/New folder
  4. Now you can run pwd.pl

... with PWE

  1. Edit file conferences.txt
  2. Edit file publications.bib
  3. Now you can run pwe.pl

... with PWR

  1. Edit (and add) files in the ./PW_Tools/PWR/Input directory
  2. Now you can run pwd.pl

... with PWS

    Usage of this script is not stright-foreward due to the way MS sends emails. Basically, you have to:
  1. Identify a mail server able to work with SendMail.pm
  2. Install SendMail.pm (i.e. copy it to your perl installation)
  3. Edit the pws.pl script creating the mail files. This step might be difficult for people without programming experience. If necessary, ask for help!
  4. Now you can run pws.pl

... with PWU

  1. Edit the respective text file in the ./PW_Tools/PWU/Input directory.
  2. Now you can run pwu.pl

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